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The Devils Song

2011-02-06 13:41:22 by stravinskyrocks

Here are some excerpts of me and rosie practising the Devils Song in its early stages. Its going to be performed in full soon so I will flm it and put it on here. I sound like a massive nerd when talking on these videos haha

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'NO SOUP!' Productions - 'Wondering'

2011-02-06 12:12:59 by stravinskyrocks

Ok, Im going to introduce to the other side of me, the crazy world of 'NO SOUP!' Productions. Me and my best friends Rosie Bristow and Freya Bryson decided to start the company in early 2008 after having nothing to do in the small yorkshire town of Beverley for years. We were in the small unknown play collection of the Beverley library and due to the restriction of the government in the early 20th century a lot of the dated works were very prim and proper and frankly boring, including 5 seperate plays about old women poisoning people with mushroom soup! So we decided to make a stand against this kind of theatre - hence the name NO SOUP. To this date we have produced 3 original plays. The first The Death of Isabella Bird, Wondering and Marvell at Midnight. We took the last two on tour around northern england, to the Edinburgh Fringe and to the Camden Fringe. The second play Wondering (2009) is linked to below. We are planning a massive project for 2012 of Dante's Inferno in Beverley Minster.

Cast and Crew of 'Wondering'

Director/Scriptwrite: Rosie Bristow
Composer/'Victor': Kerrin Tatman
Technical Manager: Chris Broadwell
Tour Mum: Alice Bristow
Inigo: Freya Bryson
Fiero: James Stokes
Sylvia: Rachael Horner
Phyllis: Grace Darbyshire
Errol: Sam Tunnicliffe
Oscar: Ben Chandler
The Ringmaster: Rory Fairbain
Willow: Connie Hilton
Rowan: Jack Gillett

Its in 7 parts. Hope you enjoy and any comments appreciated!

Part 1:

(I couldn't work out to embed the rest so heres the links:)

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Part 3: eXjw&feature=related

Part 4: zj0o&feature=related

Part 5: thSA&feature=related

Part 6: JIV0&feature=related

Part 7: OWaE&feature=related

Stabat Mater

2011-02-06 11:56:55 by stravinskyrocks

Hi everyone,
So this is my first post. I have uploaded a horrible sibelius-recording version of Quills on here but unfortunatly when I tried uploading my music with actual instruments it said something about the sample rate being to low or something. Im appaling at computers so if anyone knows how I can alter the sample rate of existing mp3's would be much appreciated =]

Here is a link to Stabat Mater on Youtube. It was the winning entry for the Young Composers Competition for the East Riding of Yorkshire Early Music Festival in 2008. On the recording it is sung by the Ebor Singers of York but it was also sang by the Tallis Scholars in Beverley Minster.
Would love any feedback you have =]